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In-Home Personal Trainer Programs Promoting, Health, Wellness, Strength, Full Body Toning, Athletic Performance, Endurance & Flexibility.

As an experienced and successful home personal trainer based in Mount Laurel, NJ, I can align your fitness needs with your stated goals, develop a personalized program to obtain great results, and provide nutritional guidance to get you to your optimal fitness, body-weight, health, and wellness. All personal training programs are age and fitness level appropriate and designed to help your reach your fitness and wellness goals whatever your life stage or physical condition.

My primary concern as a personal trainer is to provide value and gain all clients’ success, no matter their age or physical condition. I do that by providing workouts and fitness advice that will significantly improve your overall conditioning and appearance in the short term, improve your baseline wellness, and extend your quality of life in the long term.

My training programs will increase your strength and muscle tone, help you lose weight, increase your energy level, provide optimum fitness and health, and transform your physical appearance.

Call now for information and rates on a custom program designed especially for you!

Primary Services Areas

Southcentral NJ Including

  • Medford
  • Voorhees
  • Cherry Hill
  • Haddonfield

*& surrounding towns

Dan Cantor Fitness
Dan Cantor Fitness
Dan Cantor Fitness

“The Dan Cantor Fitness Promise”

  • You’ll get a great workout!
  • I’ll translate your fitness goals into a well-designed personal training workout program.
  • You’ll get fit and lose weight if you adhere to the personal training program provided.
  • You’ll improve any chronic joint weakness or muscle imbalances.
  • I’ll provide nutrition or weight loss advice and strategies tailored to your fitness goals and lifestyle.
  • As your coach, I’ll motivate you to reach those personal training goals.
  • I’ll educate you about fitness and nutrition so that you can continue to manage successfully on your own.

I work with all types of clients:

  • Busy Professionals
  • Couples and Small Groups
  • Overweight Individuals
  • Brides-to-be & New Moms
  • Older Adults
  • Teen Athletes
  • People in Good condition who want to get in GREAT condition!

Programs for long-term needs.

  • Physical Therapy Clients (Post-rehab)
  • Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) Clients
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Special Needs & Neurologically Impaired Clients

What Clients Are Saying!!!

Robyn W, Mount Laurel NJ

”I’ve been working with Dan Cantor for almost a year now after working with a different trainer for over two years. Dan is great! He comes to my home for our workouts, and I’m sweating within minutes! I have herniated discs in my neck, which are getting better since I’ve worked with him. Dan also knows Pilates and yoga, which he incorporates in his sessions. I highly recommend him!”

Rick L, Cherry Hill NJ

“I had originally looked online for a personal trainer to come to my home and teach me how to use the new home gym I had just purchased. His first visit was to get to know me, learn about my goals, experience with exercise, and any health issues I might have. Since then, Dan comes twice a week, is always on time, brings his equipment to supplement my weights, and knows how to push me to get the results I want and need. Now five months later, I feel great! I never knew I could feel this amazing at 50! I have more energy, my belly is flatter, I am stronger, and I am happier than I have ever been!”

Kris B, Medford NJ

“I started working with Dan after the birth of my first child Seven years ago. Dan helped me lose about 40 lbs. I had put it on during my pregnancy, and it got me in great shape. Dan and I also worked together through my second pregnancy, which helped me to minimize my weight gain and feel good throughout my pregnancy. We worked on strengthening as well as stretching and yoga. What’s great about Dan is that he can vary the workout so much that you never get bored. He’s patient and good with kids too.”

Dan P, Cinnaminson NJ

“I’m in the restaurant business and am on my feet all day. I have two arthritic knees and a bad ankle. Some days I can hardly walk. Dan’s less than the body-weight program has helped to reduce the pain in my legs and allow me to work and manage my business without having to take time off or be forced to sit in my office instead of running my restaurant and managing my staff.”

Judi L, Marlton NJ

“I’ve been a client since 2009. In that time, Dan has worked with me through a few skiing and sports-related injuries and always finds a way to make every workout challenging and safe. He’s done partner sessions with me and my daughter, helped my grandson learn how to exercise, and did a chair program with my husband before he passed away three years ago. I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness, especially if you have any physical limitations or are recovering from injury.”

Craig F, Haddonfield NJ

“I originally hired Dan 8 years ago because I was constantly getting injured at work. I wanted to get stronger and lose weight as well. After a few months, I noticed that not only was I getting results, but I felt better and had more stamina. For the last two years, we have modified my workout to a muscle-building program, lifting heavy weights in my basement gym, and using a few basic supplements and diet modifications to build muscle. I highly recommend Dan Cantor to anyone who wants a killer workout!”

Dan Cantor Fitness