A View of Personal Training for the General Population

As a personal trainer working in Mount Laurel, NJ, for over 10 years, I’ve developed a methodology for training people of all ages that incorporates elements from traditional resistance/weight training, functional fitness, therapeutic yoga, martial arts, unconventional training, and bodywork/stretching. Most of these programs utilize a wide variety of both traditional and proprietary props to facilitate eclectic multi-modal fitness and wellness programs.

Enlightened Movement in personal home training is designed to provide a lifetime of healthy movement programs for both short-term goals and long-term needs. Whether that be preparing to go skiing, biking or hiking, participating in sports, active living, or healing from injury.

Just as in yoga, there is no one size fits all program that is appropriate for everyone. Advanced yogis have learned to allow their “prana” to direct them into the movement patterns their body requires at that moment. All yoga is individual, and personal fitness, as defined by Enlightened Movement™ is also flexible and versatile so that you have the tools and techniques for any circumstance. Your body and your needs are unique; you should have access to the appropriate program and modalities to take care of yourself over your lifetime.

Some simple rules for the 3 primary stages of life can be identified below;

For young & more fit clients, greater resistance and more strenuous work are predominant, along with high-intensity cardiovascular workouts. Active rest is enjoyed as needed.

Middle-aged people begin to require body-work and restorative sessions as a regular part of their fitness regimen along with mat-work, Pilates and stretching. This population is still capable of strenuous heavy work in shorter stretches as long as un-injured.

Seniors need to be more attentive to their energy level on a given day and perform medium effort resistance training, cardio, and a lot more bodywork, restorative and stretching, Meditation, and breath-work.

My Enlightened Movement™ personal training program in Mt Laurel, NJ is a suite of fitness techniques whose principles are consistent throughout all age/fitness populations expressed at the effort level most suited for that individual, and adding those elements such as mindfulness and breath-work as required for optimum wellness. The program is designed for your in-home training program provided exclusively for you while your workout with Dan in your own home, whether you live in Voorhees, NJ or Moorestown, NJ.

During the initial fitness assessment, we review current physical status and activity history. Diet and nutrition habits are evaluated, and physical limitations and medical issues are identified and factored into a custom exercise program that will help you to get fit, feel great, and improve your long-term health.

One primary difference between Enlightened Movement™ and traditional fitness programs is a substantial toolbox of techniques to enhance physical wellbeing beyond a flat belly and broad shoulders.

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